Setup a Godaddy email account and control from Gmail

Setup email account in Godaddy account:

  1. Login to your Godaddy account and go to cPanel
  2. In section “Email”, click on “Email Accounts”

  1.  Go to “Add Email Account” and enter username and password. Click on “Create Account”

We have successfully created the user name techsupport@eazytutors.com

Let’s add this email to Gmail account and use it for sending and receiving emails.


Configurations in Gmail:

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Click on the gear on the top right and click on settings


       3. Go to “Account and Import” à Click on “Add a mail account “

      4. Enter the email id created in Godaddy account and click on “Next”

     5. Click next

        6. Enter your details. But before that grab Pop Server details from your GoDaddy account

Pop Server Details:

  • Port number should always be 995. Don’t take it from CPanel URL



Please note: Username format is à username@domain

Click on “Add Account”

        7. Select “Yes” and Click on “Next”.

         8. Click Next. You can change the name of the Email Address

You can add another Email address or else click on Cancel

      9. Above steps where to receive email. Now you can send email from your Gmail account as your Godaddy email account

Go to “Accounts and Import” and Click “Add another Email address”

      10. Enter Name and Email ID. Click on Next step.


      11. Add information as provided in Step 6. Change the port number to 465

Click on add account


      12. Enter the Confirmation code  received in email

It generally takes time to receive Confirmation Code on your Gmail account (you get it on Gmail because of the configuration done from Step 1 to 8).

If you do not want to wait, access your goDaddy account and check the email.

Grab the Confirmation code from there and enter it in above screen and click “verify”.


      13. Now Create a new message and you will see your domain ID in From section


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